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Claws, talons, BDSM Rings, charms, and pendants

Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorSeduction Claws -  Measuring up to 3 1/2" long these German silver seduction claws do just that, they seduce! For light scratching, tickling, or with the violet wand they are the perfect gift for anyone. Each are adjustable to fit ANY size finger and are each tested for sharpness. 
$15.00 or $60.00 for a set of five - that is one free!  

Seduction Claws - $15.00 each   

Set of Five Seduction Claws -$60.00 for a set of five   

Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorThe Small Claw Ring is cast in sterling silver and is smooth and shiny. Looks good on any finger and even on the fingertip.

Select ring size   

Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armor, BDSM BDSM slave Bondage Ring - Made of silver, it has a brass accent to hold the mini silver bondage loop. The loop is moveable. $22.00


Select ring size   

BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorAttention getter! Massive Double Talon ring made of sterling silver gets you noticed. Two cast eagle talons on one silver band what more can be said. $80.00

Select ring size   

BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorAn eagle talon is cast in silver and made into a fantastic ring! Extending 2" long it's a REAL attention getter. $65.00

Select ring size   

BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorAlmost 2" by 2" it is a bold statement. White bronze cast eagle claw, cut in half makes a beautiful symmetrical circular shape. $25.00

Talon Pendant - $25.00 each   

BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armor
Silver plated 7 1/2" chain bracelet is host to your favorite sterling silver shoe charm or any charm

7.5" chain/charm bracelet  - $25.00 each   

BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armor, shoe charm Exotic sterling silver platform shoe, for the the exotic shoe lover. Super high heel with the super high platform hints to your wild side. Makes a great necklace, purse charm, zipper pull or bracelet charm. Combine it with other shoe charms for the ultimate charm bracelet $25.00.


Platform High Heel Charm - $25.00 each   

stilleto BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorSuper stiletto charm is a shoe lovers dream! Made of sterling silver it is 3/4" tall and made super tall...cause no heel is too high! Perfect accent to any neck, bracelet., phone charm or zipper pull. Feminize anywhere or anyone with this unique charm. Also available in white and yellow gold.

Sterling Stiletto High Heel Charm - $25.00 each   

Select White Gold or Yellow

shoe charm BDSM Fetish jewlery, ring armor, claws, talons, finger armorSilver strappy shoe charm makes a great necklace, zipper pull, purse charm, or on a charm bracelet. Looks great with the other shoe charm selections..Maybe all on one charm bracelet Hmmmmmm. $25.00

Strappy Heel Charm - $25.00 each   

Fetish Flair

This is a PayPal Gift Certificate that you can e-mail or hand deliver. 

Check sizes before ordering since all sales are final. Go to Size Charts
Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.
Prices on-line may differ from those in our catalogs shown at events and during home parties.
Please read the terms and conditions of sales. Go to Terms and Conditions
Most orders arrive in less than two weeks, but you must allow up to eight weeks for delivery. 

Non-USA orders can take longer and shipping must be calculated before purchase.

    Fetish Flair offers confidential and secure shopping on line with Pay Pal Business Solutions. Each customer has their own personal 'Fetish Flair Kink Consultant' to assist you in finding unique items to satisfy your own fetish fashion desires and novelty toy needs. Although we try to have most of our items on the web site, some things are so personal or custom that we simply can't offer them on line. We carry many different fashion lines that have several collections within in their line - so Fetish Flair has a wider assortment of fashions and kinks than anyone offers in any one place. So if you don't see it - just ask! New fashions are always coming in and we get them on line as soon as possible. Since we keep our staff small to be able to give you great pricing, we don’t think everything will ever be on line. That is how many wonderful plus sized fetish, leather, PVC, vinyl, lingerie and costumes we carry.
    Fetish Flair offers leather and vinyl bras, garter belts, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, tops, halters, corsets, bustiers, cinchers, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, chaps, costumes, leather and vinyl lingerie, gloves, masks, BDSM collars, BDSM fine jewelry, rhinestone collars, rhinestone jewelry, and fetish accessories including floggers, whips, slappers, restraints, cuffs, restraints, slave collars, and more. Plus these will be at some of the lowest prices you will see on the internet. Many items are superbly hand crafted leather items that you can find no place other than Fetish Flair because we also have a line of our own products.
    If you are searching for a large size - no worries. We will only carry lines that go up to a plus size . Most of the items on the web site will come in XL, 1x, 2x, 3x, 40, 42,and 44s. We have some special order items in 4x, 5x, and 6x and sizes 46, 48, and 50. Some items come in extra small petites.  
    Our Queen Diva Designs line can be seen at http://www.queendivadesigns.com with hundreds of fabrics and designs available in extra small - small - medium - large - 1x - 2x - 3x - 4x - 5x - 6x - 7x - 8x - 9x - 10x - 11x -12x . No matter what size you are you will find apparel here for women and men.
    Accessories shown such as hosiery, gloves, shoes, hats, jewelry, collars, boas, whips & toys are not included with the outfits unless noted as included. All items are sold as novelty items and under the terms and conditions listed.  Purchase indicates agreement to all terms and conditions. Due to United States Health Regulations, all items are considered personal and/or intimate apparel and cannot be returned; for this reason all sales are final.  Be sure to check the provided size charts for the best possible fit.  The size charts are provided by the manufactures and Fetish Flair cannot be held liable for any size discrepancies. Due to the differences in photography, screen/monitor resolutions, brightness settings, contrast settings, and color settings, the actual color may vary.

House of Sanctuary LLC/ Fetish Flair does not do any photography using live models. 
We use only manufacturer’s provided photography. 18 USC 2257 Compliance Records are held by the manufacturer.

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